Payments to Bytown Sports Consulting

We typically process payments with Interac e-Transfer  via email, please use 

We understand that you may want to reach out and discuss your options first, but for those of you who feel ready to go and/or not comfortable with Interac e-Transfer, feel free to process your payment below via PayPal and we will contact you promptly. 

Bytown Programs


If you have not yet started grade 9 then you are in the perfect spot. Earning a scholarship takes determination and starting early is key.



You love your sport, you compete all season, you work hard on your game and you think you might have what it takes. Are you transitioning between sports ?   


Elite Competitive

You are ready to commit, you've proven you can play and you have the academics to back it up. After grade 10 is over it's time to get serious.  


Scout - Season 2019


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Let's talk scheduling, talk about the possibilities, walk a few holes together on the course, share some knowledge and get to know each other. The SCOUT package is the perfect place to start.  

Trailblazer - 2019 Calendar


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Qualifiers and budget first, educational review and long term planning next. The TRAILBLAZER package is the next best place to start.  

Elite - 2019 +

If you are certain you have what it takes and want to pursue........

The ELITE plan requires some assessment on our part, pricing can consist of multiple payments and $1500 is the starting point. We try to be accommodating however if you are already in Grade 12, we have 4 years of work to do in 6 months. Contact us and let's discuss what is possible.

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