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College sports recruiting for Canadian student athletes

How do our service plans work ?


We get it, you want to know where you stand in the grand scheme of things. 

Are there real athletic and/or academic scholarship opportunities for Canadian kids in the U.S.?

There are and we would love to tell you about it. 

We provide a wide ranging and comprehensive set of deliverables. The depth, intensity and cost  depend on what kind of client you are and where you are on your collegiate recruitment journey.

We will help you determine the best fit for your skills and ambitions.

To achieve this effectively, we need to sit down and talk .

Timing is of the essence.

College coaches initiate the recruiting process at the grade 9 & 10 level for 75% of their team placements. Going to college is a competitive business in America and families start focusing on post secondary education long before we do here in Canada, it's cultural.  Delaying the start of your recruitment strategy until after grade 10 only makes the process more difficult.

 Not impossible but definitely more  demanding! 

"Let's wait and see what happens this summer" is not a strategy.

Below you will find a partial list of the expansive guidance we provide. 

Bytown Services

Build a recruiting timeline

From the appropriate time to write the SAT to preparing for phone calls/meetings with coaches, a timeline sets the stage for being prepared at the right time.

Competitive Scheduling

We know it's complicated to understand the overcrowded competitive junior golf options. We strategically schedule appropriate jr/am competitive events.

Budget & Academic Review

An Initial academic and athletic evaluation including an accurate budget and degree program review helps us match expectations with real opportunities.

Academic & Amateur Eligibility

Supervise SAT, ACT and NCAA Eligibility Center schedules and action items. Provide experience with HS transcript, course selections and GPA provisions. 

Constructive Counselling

We are not golf coaches. We provide constructive guidance on your existing golf program: equipment, physical/mental training, nutrition, tournament preparation & off-season strategies.

Athlete Resume

Through direction and feedback, we assist in developing a relevant athlete resume, we provide the tools and you create the content. how far you take it is up to you. 

Providing Guidance to Junior Golf Families in the pursuit of College Scholarship opportunities


Stephen and Chris travel across Canada and the United States to more than twenty Junior tournaments each year, looking for developing players, talking to Junior golf families, meeting with local PGA of Canada professionals, National, Provincial and local golf coaches, tournament officials

 and some of the most amazing volunteers anywhere!  

We use personal research and a hands-on strategy as we apply our experience and knowledge through in-person meetings, facetime, skype, text, phone and email.

Do you work with Athletes from all sports?

Yes, we understand that our business looks and feels like it is mostly about golf and it is. That is where our direct experience is and golf recruits represent the entirety of our existing clients. The fact is, the majority of our know-how and acquired knowledge is entirely transferrable and not sport specific. If you are a student athlete we can help!

NCAA Compliance


As required by NCAA Bylaws, Bytown does not directly market a prospective student - athlete's athletic ability or reputation, negotiate or promise scholarships or serve as an agent in any way.

Bytown will expend considerable effort to ensure all aspects of a client’s path to collegiate golf are strategically evaluated with a curated approach.